Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Segmentation fault on app start

Posted by blitux on 27-02-2010 09:38

There is a segmentation fault when I start sk1:

/usr/bin/sk1: línea 22: 24795 Segmentation Fault python -c "from sk1 import sk1_run;sk1_run()" "$1"

There are AUR packages for Archlinux here [1] (sk1) and here [2] (sk1libs).

Doing a fresh install, and satisfied all dependencies. (I guess, because there are no errors on install and modules compiling)

I need to know all dependencies to post the version number of them. Archlinux has newer packages than most distributions and maybe that's the origin of the "Segfault".


PS: There is a really simple patch to sk1's [1] to make the package install on Archlinux, specifying tck/tk version (8.5). Please, take a look at it.

Posted by igor on 27-02-2010 11:58


Thank you for bug report.

I think the problem cause is not a latest software in the Arch Linux. Mandriva also has advanced software versions. Most likely that the problem cause is a build issue.

To check the issue I have downloaded torrent files for Arch Linux and will install staging virtual machines after ISO downloading.

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Posted by igor on 27-02-2010 18:33

I have tested Arch linux 2009.8 and can assume that reported problem is an Arch environment issue. Unfortunately this distro is unperfect. A lot of software produces crashes right after installing. For example I have installed Midnight Commander and got crash after trying to start it. Gnome has been installed without X11 dependencies. Xorg hung up after start and so on.

Of course, all the software can be configured/recompiled for correct work. But it seems Arch Linux is a distro for geeks and cannot be supported due to self-made environment.

So I cannot help you with sK1 packages for Arch Linux. I can provide you sK1 dependencies and you can check your system.

Here is a short description of sK1 package dependencies:

#Mandriva dependencies:
requires = libxext6 libfreetype6 libcairo2 tkinter sk1libs python-imaging python-reportlab

#OpenSuse dependencies (in OpenSuse11.2 repository python-reportlab is missing!):
#requires = xorg-x11-libXext freetype2 cairo sk1libs python-tk python-imaging

#Fedora dependencies:
#requires = libXext freetype cairo tkinter sk1libs python-imaging python-imaging-tk python-reportlab

#Ubuntu dependencies:
#requires = libxext6 libfreetype6 libcairo2 python-tk sk1libs python-imaging python-imaging-tk python-reportlab python-reportlab-accel

The same but for sk1libs:

requires = python-imaging liblcms

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Posted by blitux on 02-03-2010 23:10

Thank you very much for taking the time to test it Igor.

It's ok if I report this bug on launchpad?

I really want to help, but I dont have advanced knowledge about debugging. Is there a way to see why it's crashing? Like a debug mode or something like that. Maybe the problem is not on sk1 side.