Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Advanced fill options?

Posted by starkraving2002 on 28-03-2010 20:51

Recently switched to Linux full-time from Windows, looking for a CorelDRAW alternative and found this project. I see colour options for CMYK and RGB, which is great. I don't see an option for Pantone colours and I don't see an option to overprint fills and outlines, both of which are essential for prepress.

When I try to switch an object's colour from CMYK to 'spot' it doesn't select and stays CMYK. I've seen discussions on these features but if they're implemented I don't see where or how to use it. Any suggestions?

Posted by igor on 28-03-2010 22:15


On this moment you can fill objects by spot color only using palette. We cannot distribute Pantone palettes due to copyright restrictions. But you can try creating such palette using Fluorescent.skp palette file:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <description type="SPOT-RGB" name="Fluorescent ink Palette" />
   <color r="0" g="1" b="0" name="Fluorescent Green" />
   <color r="1" g="1" b="0.25" name="Fluorescent Yellow" />
   <color r="1" g="0.44" b="0" name="Fluorescent Orange" />
   <color r="1" g="0" b="0" name="Fluorescent Red" />
   <color r="1" g="0" b="1" name="Fluorescent Magenta" />
   <color r="0" g="0.6" b="1" name="Fluorescent Blue" />

<color> tag can contains cmyk values. In such case palette type should be "SPOT".
Although application can operates with spot colors, our pdf exporter is not ready for correct spot color output. I hope we will fix this issue in nearest releases.

Edited by igor on 28-03-2010 22:25

Posted by starkraving2002 on 28-03-2010 23:47

Thanks for the quick reply Igor,

Do you have any instructions on how to get an object's fill or outline to 'overprint'?

Posted by igor on 29-03-2010 00:37

Sorry we have no any instructions for overprint feature. The feature is scheduled for later releases.

Posted by starkraving2002 on 29-03-2010 02:56

Good to hear Igor, I'll be following the progress of this project. It's not quite ready for use as a professional 'prepress' design tool yet, but it's extremely promising.

Thanks for all you and the rest of your team are doing in this category of programs.