Thread subject: sK1 Project :: vectorize a bitmap

Posted by kmrs75 on 05-04-2010 15:40

i cant seem to find if we can take a bitmap - jpeg - png and turn it into a vector image

can someone tell me if i am missing it

great work everyone we love this software - we do vinyl cutting and this has been a huge plus for us

Posted by igor on 05-04-2010 16:13

Really good issue! We plan adding trace module in future. But it seems this will be a subject for special release.

UPDATE: I have reviewed potrace library source code and I think we can adding this functionality in 0.9.1 release.

Edited by igor on 05-04-2010 16:56

Posted by Victor on 15-06-2010 17:57


Actually the scalar pixmap vectorization is another type of software. So I suppose i will be a good idea to provide such program as an addition to sK1 bundle or maybe uniconvertor bundle. Exactly like in Corel Draw or Adobe CS bundles.

I have an algorithm idea. What if we will use the flooding fill algorithm for finding of primitives/curves base points.

Posted by kmrs75 on 28-06-2010 07:54

if this does get added can there be a batch convert -

other programs its very hard to do a batch convert - if there could be a way to select many files - and changed them all the same way - darkness - edging - what ever that would be very good