Thread subject: sK1 Project :: how about file types

Posted by kmrs75 on 05-04-2010 16:53

when i go to save as -- or export -- i dont have a list of what files i can save it as

i have an eps that i try to save as jpeg it would be nice to be able to select what types are available

that would really help out

and if we cant save as a jpeg -- just knowing what we can save it as would help -

PS PDF EPS SVG .........

Edited by kmrs75 on 05-04-2010 16:54

Posted by igor on 05-04-2010 18:34

It's just an issue of Zenity utility which is used for GTK open/save dialog calling. When you are using KDE application calls Kdialog with according file type filter.

Posted by kmrs75 on 05-04-2010 19:49

ok please treat me like an idiot

i am using UBUNTU 9.10

what do i have to do to get that to work

thanks allot for everything -- we have been using this more and more and love it

Posted by igor on 05-04-2010 22:02

Actually it's a problem for our users so we are going to provide python based multiplatform open/save dialog.