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sK1 Project has been started 7 years ago as a Skencil ( fork. Unfortunately 5 years ago Skencil development has been freezed. Almost all distros have excluded Skencil packages because it is not possible to compile correctly the project code against tk8.5/8.6

We have gotten requests from some users about Skencil revitalization. Also working Skencil is useful for sK1 Project as a reference code and as a simplified sK1 model. Especially this is important for planned sK1 migration on Gtk widgetset. Therefore we have contacted with Skencil developers (Bernhard Herzog and Bernhard Reiter) and proposed to revitalize the project using sK1 source code. We have spent two month for backporting and now we can announcing Skencil revitalizing!

Following issues has been fixed and implemented by sK1 Project team:

  • New distutils build
  • Project structure is refactored as a Python 'skencil' package
  • Fixes for Tk 8.5/8.6 support
  • 64bit platform-related fixes
  • Mixed indents are eliminated in Python source code
  • UI fonts and colors import from Gtk engine is implemented
  • Ruler widget reimplemented to use Xlib drawing instead Tk functionality
  • Palette widget is redesigned
  • Multiple fixes in Russian translation

Despite the long delay in the development Skencil now looks well:

We have tested Skencil under 12 different distros and compiled ready binary packages:

Source code tarballs

Ubuntu 10.10 32bit
Ubuntu 10.10 64bit
Ubuntu 10.04 32bit
Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
LinuxMint 9 32bit
LinuxMint 9 64bit
Mandriva 2010 32bit
Mandriva 2010 64bit
Fedora Core 13 32bit
Fedora Core 13 64bit
OpenSuse 11.2 32bit
OpenSuse 11.2 64bit

How to download Skencil source code

The project source code can be downloaded using following command:

svn checkout skencil

Browse Skencil Subversion Repository