sK1 News

The final part of Hackontest has finished. During competition sK1 team has implemented following features:

  • CMYK colorspace for raster objects
  • Find & replace functionality for text. Regexp support.

Below is detailed information about implemented features.

CMYK colorspace for raster objects

  1. Following colorspaces have provided for image objects: CMYK, RGB, RGBA (stub for future alphachannel implementation), Grayscale, Black&White.
  2. CMYK colorspace support got extended implementation due to color management for raster objects
  3. CMYK images processing for reading/writting operations
  4. PDF based printing for CMYK images
  5. LCMS based color management for CMYK & RGB displaying and converting
  6. Context sensitive panel and menu items ("Bitmaps") for image objects
  7. Undo history for image object

Find & replace for text. Regexp support.

  1. Right-side plugin panel is implemented
  2. Search/replace functionality and regexp based processing are implemented

Source code is accessible in project SVN on following link:

Also we have prepared source tarball and binary rpm distribution files:

Here is a screenshot of latest sK1 build:

sK1 on Hackontest