sK1 2.0 source code repository

The project source code is stored in GitHub repository. To download latest source code you need installing git package. All Linux distros usually have git package in their repositories.

To get latest source code snapshot just use following command:

git clone

sk1-wx repository depends on uniconvertor (UniConvertor 2.0), wal (Widgetset Abstraction Layer) and build-utils (utilities to build and pack application into rpm, deb and other packages) repositories.

Actually you don't need to clone these repositories because build script of sk1-wx clones this code automatically. The repos should be cloned for development purposes only.

Please pay attention that master branch can contains an incomplete implementation. If you are not developer we would recommend to use stable snapshots or latest release version.

sK1 2.0 issue tracker

Issues for sK1 2.0 are tracked on GitHub.

If you found a bug in sK1 2.0 or want to propose some improvement, please search the GitHub issue tracker to see similar issues.

If not, open new issue and provide following details:

  • Your OS, sK1 version, sK1 installation manner.
  • If you installed sK1 from sources, include Python version.
  • Problem description.
  • Description of expected behaviour.

We reply on all issue. But issue fixing/implementation depends on issue complexity and internal team planning. The same about issue processing order.

Please note, you can report issue if you have signed on GitHub. If not, just registry your account there.