UniConvertor is an universal graphics translator. It is a command line tool/library which uses SK2 document object model to convert one file format to another.

UniConvertor 2.0 features

UniConvertor 2.0 is a cross-platform standalone application. It may run on MS Windows, macOS and Linux platforms (32bit and 64bit). Also it can be used as a python package for python scripting.

The application is a translation hub for vector graphics, images and color palettes. For example, it may translate TIFF image into PDF document or extract used colors from SVG drawing as a palette.

UniConvertor 2.0 is designed to be a bidirectional bridge connecting FOSS and proprietary graphics software. Our users should have possibility as importing and exporting proprietary file formats.

How it works

1Select file for translation

Selecting file in file manager

2Run UniConvertor command

Terminal running UniConvertor command

3Fetch translation result

Translation result in file manager

Supported file formats

  • SK2 - sK1 2.x graphics files
  • SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics files
  • PDF - Portable Document Format files
  • CDR - CorelDRAW Graphics files
  • CMX - CorelDRAW Presentation Exchange files
  • CCX - CorelDRAW Compressed Exchange files
  • XAR - Xara graphics files
  • WMF - Windows Metafile files
  • CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile files
  • PLT - HPGL cutting plotter files
  • SK1 - sK1 0.9.x graphics files
  • SK - Sketch/Skencil files
  • FIG - XFig files
  • SKP - sK1 palette files
  • GPL - GIMP palette files
  • Scribus palette files (XML)
  • SOC - LibreOffice palette files
  • CPL - CorelDRAW palette files
  • CorelDRAW X5-X8 palette files (XML)
  • ASE - Adobe Swatch Exchange files
  • ACO - Adobe Color files
  • JCW - Xara color palette files
  • PSD - Photoshop files
  • XCF - GIMP files
  • More than 100 bitmap file formats