sK1 Team is proud announcing UniConvertor 1.1.5 release. UniConvertor 1.1.5 is based on the sK1 0.9.1 engine, which has been under development for the past year. UniConvertor 1.1.5 offers many changes over the previous version, supporting additional vector graphics file formats, improving performance and ease of use. Detailed review has been published recently and we would recommend to take a look on this article.

Some of the notable UniConvertor 1.1.5 features are:
  • New import/export filters for following file formats:
    1. PLT - HPGL for cutting plotter files
    2. DXF - Autocad Drawing Exchange Format
    3. DST - Design format (Tajima)
    4. PES - Embroidery file format (Brother)
    5. EXP - Embroidery file format (Melco)
    6. PCS - Design format (Pfaff home)
  • Built-in color management system
  • Alpha channel support as for solid colors and for bitmaps
  • Multiplatform font engine based on the Freetype library
  • Built-in PDF generator derived from ReportLab
  • Multiple bugfixes and improvements in almost all import/export filters

Desktop integration features:

  • MSI package for Windows platform
  • Stand-alone installation
  • Multiplatform GUI frontend which allows to skip using console mode
  • File manager (Nautilus, Dolphin, Konqueror, Windows Explorer etc.) integration
  • Special patch script to integrate external UniConvertor 1.1.5 into Inkscape 0.47/0.48 on Windows

UniConvertor frontend in Ubuntu 10.04

UniConvertor 1.1.5 packages are available for download on UniConvertor Download Page.