Since the last sK1 snapshot six months were gone. We have fixed a lot of issues and implemented some new features:

  • Gradients support
  • Pages API is reimplemented
  • Text object is improved
  • Blend object and plugin
  • Alpha channel support for solid colors
  • ARGB cursors support
  • Customizable coordinates
  • Plugin panel is refactored
  • Desktop Environment integration
  • Open|Save dialog improvements
  • printing system
  • Multiple improvements in CDR, SVG, PDF, CGM filters
  • Ubuntu specific fixes
  • Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese Traditional localizations

Current snapshot is not a final release. But application is already useful for real printing jobs. Concerning sK1 interface translation if you have desire and free time - join us!

Ready sK1 packages for latest distros you can fetch on sK1 Download Page.