Linux platform

Many users have asked us how to assemble PrintDesign from sources. This is a simple procedure for Linux platform. We would recommend to use Ubuntu distro for that.

  1. Create folder 'build' in you home:

  2. cd ~
    mkdir build
    cd build

  3. Download UniConvertor 2.0 source code:

  4. svn checkout uniconvertor

  5. Read instructions in ~/build/uniconvertor/README and install required dev-packages
  6. Build UniConvertor package:

  7. cd ~/build/uniconvertor/
    python bdist_deb

    Resulted UniConvertor package you will find in ~/build/uniconvertor/dist folder

  8. Install UniConvertor package (for 32-bit Ubuntu package will be with i386 suffix)

  9. sudo dpkg -i python-uniconvertor-2.0_amd64.deb

  10. Download PrintDesign 1.0 source code:

  11. svn checkout printdesign

  12. Read instructions in ~/build/printdesign/README and install required packages
  13. Build PrintDesign package:

  14. cd ~/build/printdesign/
    python bdist_deb

    Resulted PrintDesign package you will find in ~/build/printdesign/dist folder

  15. Install PrintDesign package:

  16. sudo dpkg -i python-printdesign-1.0_all.deb

That's all. Now you can run printdesign command or find PrintDesign launcher in Unity shell

Windows and MacOS X platforms


Even for an experienced programmer to build from source on these platforms will be a difficult task and will require a lot of time. In our team we have dedicated programmers for Windows and MacOS X. The platforms are good for end users but a real hell for cross-platform programming.