sK1 0.9.2

We have released sK1 ver. 0.9.2 Here is short list of changes:

  1. Application memory usage is decreased (from 70 Mb to 40 Mb)
  2. Cairo rendering on main application canvas is completely refactored and greatly improved
  3. Text objects now use Pango text engine. So even exotic languages can be typed in sK1 and all system fonts available for drawing.
  4. Now sK1 uses Gtk printing system
  5. Gtk dialogs are used directly (without Zenity)
  6. Color management can be compiled as against LCMS1 and LCMS2 libraries.
  7. Drawing can be exported as PNG

And a lot of minor changes and bugfixes.

Release sources and packages for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS are available on SourceForge: