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Web Safe Colors

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Web Safe Colors

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Palette name Web Safe Colors
Palette source W3C
Number of colors 216
Comments When computers only supported 256 different colors, a list of 216 "Web Safe Colors" was suggested as a Web standard, reserving 40 fixed system colors.
This 216 cross-browser color palette was created to ensure that all computers would display colors correctly.
The palette is published here:


SKP Web_Safe_Colors.skp
Suitable for sK1 0.9.3 and sK1 2.x versions
GPL Web_Safe_Colors.gpl
Suitable for Inkscape, GIMP, Karbon, Calligra
SOC Web_Safe_Colors.soc
Suitable for OpenOffice and LibreOffice
SCRIBUS_PAL Web_Safe_Colors(Scribus).xml
Suitable for Scribus
COREL_PAL Web_Safe_Colors(CorelDRAW).xml
Suitable for CorelDRAW and Corel PhotoPaint X5-X7 versions
ASE Web_Safe_Colors.ase
Suitable for Adobe Creative Suite applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc.
CPL Web_Safe_Colors.cpl
Suitable for CorelDRAW and Corel PhotoPaint 12-X4 versions
JCW Web_Safe_Colors.jcw
Suitable for Xara Designer and Xara WebDesigner